Leadership in the Association is comprised of elected and appointed positions, all volunteer.

The Board of Directors formally leads the Association and is responsible for executing the legal and financial obligations of the Association. The Board is composed of five members elected from the general membership of the Association at the November general meeting (the beginning of the Association's fiscal year). Three Board positions have 3-year terms, and the remaining two positions have 2-year terms; staggered terms result in two Board positions coming open each year (one 3-year, and one 2-year). Board members may be re-elected only once, then they must wait for a later opportunity to again be elected to the Board. Board members who can no longer fulfill their obligations can resign if needed, at which time a replacement will be elected at the next quarterly meeting to fill their remaining term (quorum must be satisfied).

As of Nov 2020, the elected Board members and their terms/durations are (in order of term end):

  • Avril Forster: 2-year term (Nov 2019 - Nov 2021)

  • Tommy Stoneman: 2-year term (Nov 2019 - Nov 2021, eligible for re-election)

  • Carol Mullenax: remainder of 6-year term (Nov 2018 - Nov 2021)

  • Drew Broussard: remainder of 3-year term (Feb 2020 - Nov 2022, eligible for re-election)

  • Gaylon Koenning: 3-year term (Nov 2020 - Nov 2023, eligible for re-election)

Each year after the November Board election is complete, the first action of the newly formed Board is to determine which Board member will fill each of four defined officer positions for that year (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, & Secretary), plus to determine who will participate in and lead the Association's four standing committees (Maintenance, Architectural, Airstrip, & Park). If there are any ad hoc committees, those must be staffed as well (currently two such committees exist: Communications and Easement). The committees are described below.

For 2021, the assigned roles are:

Membership in standing and ad hoc committees is by Board appointment on an annual basis and is open to any interested Association members dependent upon available committee seats - contact the associated Board member above for more information. Each committee needs at least 3 members to be in compliance with the Bylaws.

Description of Committees:

Maintenance: This committee is responsible for assuring the ongoing function and safety of Association assets. It was originally created and run by the Developer during the initial construction of the subdivision, but now this committee is composed of the Board of Directors members holding the 3-year terms and has no separate activities or meetings outside of the Board.

  • 2021 Members: Drew Broussard, Gaylon Koenning, Carol Mullenax

Architectural: This committee is responsible for preserving the consistent external appearance of property within the subdivision, per the Deed Restrictions that all members agree to when purchasing property within the subdivision. Members are required to submit plans requesting approval of changes to their external property to the committee in advance of making the proposed changes, and the committee has up to 30 days to assess and reply to the member's request.

  • 2021 Members: Carol Mullenax (Chair, Board rep), Avril Forster (Board backup), David Massicott, Jeff Miller, Mike Rollins

Airstrip: This committee is responsible for managing the ongoing operations of the Polly Ranch Airport (7XS0), a private general aviation airfield registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Duties include maintenance of airfield safety equipment (lights, radios, wind socks, etc.) and the runway itself, filing and update of required airfield paperwork with government agencies, as well as tracking of current pilots (any Polly Ranch HOA member who wishes to use the airstrip must fill out paperwork showing proof of FAA license and qualifying insurance, plus pay a separate annual fee for airstrip use).

  • 2021 Members: Tommy Stoneman (Chair, Board rep), Gaylon Koenning (Board backup), Jim Garrett

Park: This committee is responsible for leading the management and maintenance of the real property (private park, common ground, and reserve lots) owned by the Association -- the Polly Ranch Estates Park; the land at the end of the airstrip near the intersection of Winding Way and Oak; the traffic triangle at the intersection of Pine, Butler, and Airline; and the reserve lots bordering both sides of the Clear Creek end of the airstrip. Committee efforts typically focus mostly on the Park, organizing an annual Spring Cleanup event as well as leading as-needed repair or replacement efforts for Park equipment and walking paths.

  • 2021 Members: Avril Forster (Chair, Board rep), Drew Broussard (Board backup), Sally Durand, Cindy Johnson

Communications (ad hoc): This ad hoc committee was formed in 2020 for the express purpose of developing and implementing a revamped Polly Ranch website, but it is also tasked with reviewing and recommending updates for all forms of communication for the Association. This ad hoc committee can be continued on an annual basis as long as the Board feels it is beneficial to the Association.

  • 2021 Members: Carol Mullenax (Chair, Board rep), Avril Forster (Board backup), Gaylon Koenning (Board backup), Dave Durand, Jay Estes, Paige Ridout

Easement (ad hoc): This ad hoc committee was formed in 2021 for the express purpose of developing a recommendation to the Association for responding to a City of Friendswood proposal to acquire utility easement rights in the Association's Park to facilitate rework of the city's current water and sewerage pipeline. This ad hoc committee can be continued on an annual basis as long as the Board feels it is beneficial to the Association.

  • 2021 Members: Avril Forster (Chair, Board rep), Eric Wilson,
    Wallace Livesay, Mike Rollins, Cyndi Bohannon, Jay Spell, Dennis Horn, Roy Glanville

Association members are requested and welcome to engage in membership meetings and committee efforts, as well as general community activities including park cleanup, picnic, etc.