Polly Ranch Estates HOA Park Rules

August 3, 1999 (as Approved by Polly Ranch HOA Board of Directors)

  1. Polly Ranch Park is private property. The property is owned, maintained, and controlled by the Polly Ranch Homeowner's Association for use by residents of the Polly Ranch Estates subdivision.
    1. Residents using the Park have a responsibility to not destroy or damage Park equipment.
    2. Residents using the Park should not behave in such a manner as to detrimentally affect other residents's use of the Park or nearby residences.
    3. Residents should advise the Park director or another person on the Association Board of any unsafe equipment or conditions (refer to Association newsletters for these names and numbers).
    4. Residents should call Friendswood police (281-996-3300) and then the Park director or other member of the Board if unlawful and/or unsafe activities are observed in the Park.
    5. The Polly Ranch Estates Homeowner's Association does not carry liability insurance for the Park. Park users are solely responsible for any injuries or loss of property they may incur.
    6. Users of the Park can be asked for proof of residence.
    7. Vehicles parked in lot should have a visible residence sticker on their vehicle or owners should be able to provide proof of residence.
    8. Residents and/or guests who fail to adhere to these rules may be charged with criminal trespass and may have other charges filed against them if destruction of Park property is involved.
  2. The Park is a day use only park.
    1. Overnight camping is not permitted.
    2. Hours are from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset.
    3. All vehicles parked in lot after dark may have their owners identified and contacted by the City of Friendswood police.
    4. For safety's sake, all children should be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Residents may invite guests to the Park.
    1. Resident must be present on Park property when their guests are using the Park.
    2. Resident is responsible for the actions of their guest(s). This includes any injuries incurred by the guest(s) or any damage guest(s) may cause to Park equipment or property.
  4. Any resident may reserve the Park for special functions or small group activities.
    1. A written request should be submitted, in advance, to the Park director, to avoid conflicting dates.
    2. This reservation does not grant exclusive use of the Park by the requesting resident.
    3. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.
    4. The activity and size of group must be specified in the request.
  5. Water related activities are allowed, but in some instances not recommended.
    1. Only Polly Ranch residents may use the Park to hand launch small water craft such as canoes, inflatables, kayaks, and small john boats. There are no boat launching facilities in the Park. No vehicles or trailers are allowed in the Park for the purpose of boat launching.
    2. Swimming is not recommended in the lagoon because of submerged debris.
    3. Swimming is not recommended in Clear Creek because of power boat and jet ski traffic moving through the area at a high rate of speed.
    4. Texas Department of Health continues to advise limiting consumption of any fish or crab caught along this stretch of Clear Creek.
  6. The sewage bridge across Clear Creek is City of Friendswood property and is therefore off-limits to all users of the Park. Trespass charges may be filed by the City on anyone found on the bridge. Additional charges may be filed if the individual is caught destroying City of Friendswood property.
  7. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the Park unless used in maintenance activities.
  8. No firearms, explosive materials, or fireworks of any type are allowed in the Park.
  9. All animals/pets brought onto Park property by the resident or his/her guest must adhere to the City of Friendswood animal control ordinance.
    1. The animal must be properly licensed.
    2. The animal must be kept on a leash.
    3. Any debris the animal deposits must be removed by the animal's owner.
    4. If the animal threatens any other Park user, it must be removed from Park property immediately.
  10. Open fires may only be built in the BBQ pits.
  11. No dumping of any debris or household trash is allowed.
  12. Please, always leave the Park in the same, or better, condition than it was originally found.