Airstrip Documents

The following documents have been provided for all active pilots using the Polly Ranch Airstrip. To download a PDF version of each document (Adobe PDF Reader required), click on the title of each document or contact the Airstrip Committee Chairman for a copy.

Airstrip Contract 2021/2022 (Updated 10/2021) (Due every two years or annually upon document revision)

Active pilots must complete and submit to the airstrip chairman.

User Certification 2021/2022 (Updated 10/2021) (Due Annually)

All active pilots must provide this completed and signed contract with payment of $180 (payable to PRHOA) for annual airstrip use to the airstrip chairman or PRHOA Treasurer by November 1.

Visitor's Guide (Updated: 8/2019)

The Visitor's Guide is a brief pilot summary for airstrip use for those visiting the Polly Ranch Airstrip.

Polly Ranch Airstrip Rules (Updated: 8/2019)

This document details the terms and conditions for the Polly Ranch Airstrip.

Mowing Instructions for Airstrip Properties (English / Spanish)

This document provides guidance to landscaping companies for safe practices near the airstrip.