Quarterly meetings

Polly Ranch Estates HOA generally holds quarterly meetings for each of its standing committees, followed by a quarterly general meeting (nominally Feb, May, Aug, Nov). Board member elections happen at the November meeting each year.

Meeting date, time, and location (typically on a weekday evening in a member's home for the committee meetings, and in a member's hangar space for the general meeting) are posted on the notice board at the north entrance to the subdivision and announced via email at least a week before the planned meetings. Due to the pandemic, meetings may be held virtually via Zoom. Any general membership meetings require representation from at least 20 lot owners to make a valid quorum for voting purposes.

In accordance with State of Texas Property Law, PRHOA honors proxy assignment for quorom and/or voting purposes. To exercise this right, members may download the PRHOA proxy form, fill it out, and deliver it to the PRHOA Secretary in advance of any planned HOA general membership meeting. When any known propositions will be up for vote, an absentee ballot (with single-meeting proxy) form listing the planned proposition will be made available in advance of the HOA general membership meeting.